How to Error 905 In Google Play Store

Android error 905


While you’re trying to download heavy files or application from Google play store, you might encounter few errors. One of the most common errors is “error 905”. You’ll encounter this error only in the case of low memory storage. And so, it might be difficult for you to download heavy applications from Google play store.

The error will definitely fade away as you delete few applications from the device or clear the data and cache. However, if the problem persists you may need to take few extra steps to get rid of it. Today we’ll be talking about a few methods which will help you to clean up “Error 905” from your mobile phones.

Steps to fix “Error 905”

Step 1 - Open the setting menu of your phone

Step 2 - Tap on “Applications”.

Step 3 - Choose “Application manager” or it might be named in some devices as “Manage applications.

Step 4 - Find “Google play store”. If you’re unable to find it, select “All”.

Step 5 - And tap on “Uninstall updates”.


This will allow Google play store to show the older version, the one without any updates. Soon after five to ten minutes, the app will ask you to update the new version of Google play store. Update the app and download the heavy files you were trying to install on your device.

Still, if the above method doesn’t work and you’re unable to download heavy applications, you can directly contact “Google play support”. That’s the easiest way to solve this error.

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